Strategy Development

Your marketing strategy is the overall game plan for reaching prospective customers – and turning them into clients of your products or services. A marketing strategy contains your company’s value proposition (how you stand out in comparison to your competitors), your key brand messaging, and data on your target market.

What’s the difference between my marketing strategy and my marketing plan?

The marketing strategy helps to FORM the marketing plan, which is a document that outlines the specific marketing tactics you will take, with a timetable for rolling out each step.

Marketing strategies will have longer lifespans than individual marketing plans because they contain the overall WHY and other key elements of your business’ brand, and should cover long term goals. In other words, your marketing strategy will cover the big-picture message, and your marketing plan will break it down into concrete action steps.

So What’s Our Process?

  • We sit down with you and your team, and we talk about your company
  • We will probably drink a lot of coffee (or tea!)
  • We find out your goals and compare them to where you are now

We ask lots of questions and take lots of notes, and then we help you develop an overall strategy as well as a specific marketing plan to reach your first goals… and then your second, third and fourth!

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”
Michael Porter