Who We Are

We are a team with more than 40 years of combined knowledge, experience and expertise in all phases of marketing and advertising along with IT, writing, and psychology. We know what motivates and drives your audience into action and love sharing that information with you. Whatever marketing problems you may have, we have the innovative solutions that get you the results you’re looking for.

Cheryl Castro

The Queen Bee

Cheryl brings enthusiasm and joy into every project that comes into the agency. She is extremely passionate about getting the word out for the businesses and people who make the world healthier, happier, friendlier and more sustainable. She is obsessed with learning even more, by staying on top of the trends and lifestyle choices that define your target market’s decisions. Cheryl has the rare ability to listen to the people she talks with…REALLY listen – so she can pinpoint the precise point between what a client wants and what they truly need to succeed.

Favorite Things

Coffee. Reading – anything, any where. Traveling. Playing in her garden. Watching birds outside her window in the morning. Spending as much time as possible laughing and being with all of her favorite people.

Aaron Castro

The Benevolent Taskmaster

Aaron has the unusual ability to flip back and forth between both hemispheres of his brilliant brain: analytical and focused one minute, zany & creative the next. He can honestly do ANYTHING, so he does a lot of things here at Up. Aaron has over 20 years’ experience in the highest realms of the IT world, as well as 10+ years running his own successful photography studio. He is a master networker – connecting with people and helping them any way he can, and he’s exactly the kind of guy you want thinking about ways to improve your business.

Favorite Things

His goofy dog. Hugging his kids. Traveling. Screen time! Shooting things (he’s a photographer!) Hiking. Going for longs walks on the beach.

Todd Parlee

The Creative One

Todd’s naturally creative mind, artistic talent and more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the marketing field makes him an incomparable asset for your business. He is driven to make people happy, and doesn’t stop working until you are completely satisfied with your results! In addition to his quiet & thoughtful creative side, he is also passionate about the data driven side of marketing. The result – imaginative marketing solutions backed by concrete proof that they are producing the results you want.

Favorite Things

Summer days at the Beach. Spending fun time with his kids and his best friend. Surfing. Painting. Running. Puttering around in his yard. Naps in the hammock.


The Up Pup!

Skye is our Goodwill Ambassador, Agency Office Dog and Social Media Influencer! She is the newest addition to the Up Agency team, having arrived in April of 2019.

Favorite Things

Skye enjoys car rides, trips to the farmers market, outdoor restaurants, playing with her big brother Max, and clients who love her attendance at meetings.

“There is nothing more awful, insulting, and depressing than banality.”
Anton Chekhov