What We Do

The Up Agency will help you reach and then exceed and surpass your marketing goals.

But first we want to hear what about your business drives you, inspires you, and how you want it to be seen by the world.

Together, we work as a team, to provide you with the information and education you need and combine it with the knowledge you already have.

We understand your goals, and we also understand the best ways to get you to reach them.
We can provide the data and tactics to meet them – whether it’s more clients, more sales, greater recognition, or just differentiating yourself from your competition. We’ve got your back.

Strategy Development

First, we meet with you and find out about your  business and what you want from your marketing plan. We listen to what you have to say, and we clarify. We research. Then together, armed with information, we’ll develop the marketing strategies that will produce the results you are looking for.

Advertising & Marketing

Anything you ever thought of as “advertising”- we do! From creating your actual brand identity, to unique and enticing ads, to designing award winning brochures, folders and booklets - even getting you out on radio, tv and trusty old billboards! They really can work!

Web Design & Development

We love creating a visual way for you to express your business. Your website is where people come to know you and buy from you- so you need it to represent the best of who you are. This is NOT the area to cut costs and leave to amateurs! Let our 30+ combined years of marketing work to your benefit.

Internet Marketing

This is pretty much everything else there is – digital ad campaigns, social media marketing training, e-newsletters, and any other inbound marketing tactics you can think of. If it’s a way to draw people into your website, we can help you do it!