Our Web Development Strategy

We will create a site that you are proud of, one that showcases your business, clearly shows what you offer, is easy to navigate and makes potential clients want to call you for more information.

Your website is your storefront- it’s often the first way people will engage with your brand. And you have about 10 seconds to intrigue and engage them, with a clear call to action- which is to CALL YOU! …Or order, or whatever your actual goal is.

What is our Process to do this? Let me tell you!

TBP Converting

We built the brand new beautiful website for TBP Converting. Rich with video, imagery and a robust product catalog.

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VIA Doylestownn

This was a custom Web Design and Development project. Check out the case study to see the project Goals, Challenges, and Result!

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Bucks County Foundation

Helping the non-profits is our thing.

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Bux-Mont Homecare

Bux-Mont Homecare wanted a beautiful, simple and easy to read website that would provide all the info needed during a difficult time.

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Step 1


Each project should start with defining your goals and objectives. We’re going to ask a lot of questions! About you, your business, who you are and how you want your business to be presented to the world. We need to learn all we can about your company, and the purpose of your website.

  • What do you DO?
  • Who will the site be geared towards?
  • What are they looking for when they go to your website?
  • What are some major features needed in the site?

The purpose of this phase is to identify and document together the major goals, scope, features, and set clear expectations on our process and deliverables. This is where our motto of being upfront comes into play a lot! We don’t want you to ever leave you with questions or concerns about what’s being done, how much it costs, and when you will have it.

Step 2


We incorporate our knowledge of best marketing practices and typical user needs with some market research. (Basically, we check out your competition) We ask you to do this too, as well as take note of other sites that you like- or don’t like. Checking out the trends and looking through competitive websites also helps narrow your design choices, taking advantage of the best and avoiding the worst.
This info will begin to form your site’s design: what pages, features, and over all architecture of the website you would like. If this is your first site and you don’t already have a domain and location, we can also walk through getting that set up with you, including domain name purchases as well as hosting. After this stage is complete, we will know:

  • Functional requirements
  • Site map
  • Overall competitive assessment

Step 3


This is the best part! Colors! Fun! SO many decisions to make. Using all the info we gathered in the last step, you can start making mockups of what we envision your site can be. The more input you give us at the beginning of this stage, the closer the results will be to your dream.

  • Mood boards- love them!
  • Graphics you love / hate – we need to know
  • Menus, buttons, templates – things you most likely decided on in the previous step
  • Content – photos, copy, data bases – all the things your site will contain. We can also write the copy for you, or take photos (we have an amazing photographer) just let us know.

Step 4


Once you have decided on a design you love, and all the content is gathered and given to us, web development can begin. Woohoo! This is when the more technical questions may arise from our ever-patient engineers. Sometimes our visions won’t directly translate into the online realm, and tweaks may need to happen. This phase is usually the longest (unless content gathering took a very long time) and depending on the size & functions of the site can be about 4-7 weeks. We can include you in the behind the scenes progress with updates as much as we you’d like- or we can just present you with the:

Step 5

Test Site

Testing is technically begun during development, but once the test site is ready and we’ve poked at it a bunch ourselves, we will share it with you to admire and walk through as if you were your own client:

  • verify that the goals of the site are met
  • check that it looks right on a variety of browsers and devices
  • ascertain that it will be easy for your audience to walk through
  • point out any inconsistencies, spelling, or other errors.

Step 6


It’s time to go live! Or as Cheryl likes to yell – Push the big red button! (there is no actual button, btw) Our team will be responsible for migrating your site to a live server, and we will have gathered all of the access and log in information we need from you to do this. Once completed, voila- your site is LIVE for all the world to see!

Step 7


Once your very own awesome site is Up and live, you want to make sure it stays that way! With our monthly maintenance plan, we can update your word press site and plug ins, keep your site constantly secure, and send you monthly monitoring reports so you are always aware of your site’s health. We will give you all the options during the initial planning stages.

“There is nothing more awful, insulting, and depressing than banality.”
Anton Chekhov