Skye The Pup Is On The Job

We are so happy to welcome our office puppy, Skye the Up Pup, to the Agency in April, and we are proud to say that we believe we have chosen the perfect candidate for the position!

Our concerns about her inexperience in such a role have been put to rest, as she has shown that any experience she lacks, she makes up for in her eagerness to learn and outright adorable nature. She’s been quite the busy pup in her first month already, jetting off with her cozy pillow to client office meetings, coffee meetings, and restaurants.

She is well on her way to accruing the socialization hours needed to fulfill her desire of obtaining STAR puppy certification, and then to pursue her long held aspiration to become a certified therapy dog, as Skye hopes to further The Up Agency mission of making the world a better place!

Speakers Dared in NYC

We eagerly accepted the chance to attend the first Speakers Who Dare series in April. Seeing our Success Connection buddy Kristina Hallett totally rock it, getting to meet Nydia Han, and watching so many courageous speakers get up and dare to share their stories, ideas, and paths to success – and the failures that were overcome along the way – was so inspiring! …Maybe next year we will dare to get up there and speak too!

Live with John Ralston!

Skye and I were honored to be guests on the First Official Show of Ralston Live, radio show AND podcast, along with our friend Jessie! If you missed our excited posts on FB and LinkedIN, here’s the radio clip for WNPV, or check out John’s FB page to see the video! Skye was quite relaxed before the camera, and perfectly at home in the PBR Productions studio- we may just have to look into making this a more regular event!

Up with Galas

There’s not much that the Up Agency loves more then dressing up and meeting lots of new people, especially if there’s dancing! Sponsored by the VIA to benefit Doylestown Hospital, this year’s Designer House Gala was held at beautiful Pearl S Buck International, a place close not only to our home, but to our hearts as well, in their mission bridge cultures and change lives. Next post you’ll get to see pics of their own Taste of the World gala!

“If you spend only 15 – 20 minutes per day thinking about, visualizing, and conspiring about your future – you’ll separate yourself from nearly everyone else.”