What IS Marketing?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Hey What’s up, today we’re going to talk about MARKETING – because, well, that’s what we do. And oddly enough this is a question that comes up all the time- what IS marketing? I have Webster’s definition of marketing which I was unable to thoroughly memorize for you but it says: the process or technique of promoting selling and distributing a product or service; or an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer.

That is what we are helping you do – we are helping you move your services to be used by a consumer. So you need to have people know that you’re out there! And there’s so many ways that you can let people know about you:

  • you need to have a logo
  • you need to have a brand
  • you need to have a look
  • you need to have some kind of advertising
  • you need to have some kind of online presence
  • you need to be going out and talking to people! Face-to-face is honestly one of the very best ways to get people to know you and what you can do (obviously easier done pre-C19, but it will be even more impactful when we can once again!)

ALL of these things are included in the realm of What IS Marketing- and take note at the list – they all begin with YOU!

“If you spend only 15 – 20 minutes per day thinking about, visualizing, and conspiring about your future – you’ll separate yourself from nearly everyone else.”